Blackthorn Blossom, Bluebells and Reinstating Our Evening Walks…


What a difference it makes when Spring finally makes an appearance! It is great to not have to brace myself before setting off on a walk with Frank. To not need to pull the toggles on my hood so it covers 90% of my face, and walk as short a distance as possible before rushing back to the warm. Instead now I happily bound along, admiring all of the beautiful trees that are in leaf, their new delicate leaves that particular shade of green that they can only be this time of year. Along the way meeting all of the neighbours I had yet to meet, because like me they have been hiding away from the icy winter world. In conclusion: I bloody love spring!


Since I last posted here, our garden has been transformed. All of the trees are in leaf, and the garden is bursting with spring blossom. We have finally managed to dig in the dreaded third flower bed – all the while deeply regretting the initial decision to do so.  The next stage is to dig in the literal ton of compost we have ordered, lay a weed suppressing tarp and cover the whole middle section with gravel. Easy, right?? In other news we have also planted out all our tree saplings into larger pots ready for the Autumn. Now we have a miniature forest growing by our shed. So things are starting to come together. The first campfire of the year has taken place, which was a really satisfying thing to be able to do on our land. In our previous houses we always had to trek off into the woods carrying all of our stuff , which was fun in it’s own way. And last weekend we spent nearly the whole bank holiday weekend outdoors: walking, gardening and basking in the sunshine with friends. It was glorious.


One of the best things about this warmer weather is being able to go for walks in the evenings again. It is great to be able to finish work, eat some dinner and go for a wander while it’s still light. Every year it always catches me by surprise. Late one evening last week, out on one of our walks, we finally discovered the location of the bluebell wood. So early on Monday morning we dragged ourselves out of bed, and got there in the lovely morning light to take some pictures. It was so worth missing a lie-in, as the light was perfect. It was completely silent except for birds singing, and lambs bleating in the distance. Unfortunately I still haven’t discovered the short cut there, so we had to climb about six barbed wire fences, and trespass quite a bit… I feel like I want to make the most of every moment of this time of year. Store it up in jars like preserved summer vegetables, and keep it for the depths of winter when I need it most.




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