A Walk In The Garden


The light this time of year is at it’s most delicious, and after many weeks of neglecting my camera, I got up early the other week and went out to take some pictures. It was one of the first really frosty mornings, and I went out looking fine in my dressing gown, wellies and a thick woolly scarf. Oh yes, it was a good look. After twenty minutes or so crunching about in the frosty grass taking pictures, I noticed large footprints in the frost, snaking their way down the garden to the bottom fence. Slightly weirded out, I carried on taking pictures, before heading inside when the light became less intense. While I made myself a cup of tea, I wondered about those footprints. Were they Jonny’s? Could he, like me, have wandered down the garden early that morning to look at the beautiful light? Or had there been someone creeping about in our garden that morning while we were sleeping?? That must be it, because I was certain Jonny was in a rush when he left that morning… Hadn’t he slept in? With apprehension, but also feigning an air of nonchalance, I messaged Jonny to see how his morning was going – also to see if he had happened to go out in the garden that morning. His response was swift, and filled with a level of understanding that comes from knowing someone since you were in year nine. “Yeah, why? Did you think there was a serial killer hanging out in the garden?” No – I lied – just wondering…



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